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March 31, 2008


I love your product. Do you know of a site or email address where we can petition Google for Authsub for IMAP?

@Lenwood. Thanks! Don't know of a site, but happy to have people comment here and we'll discuss with Google.

Yes, I think there should be a petition to get Google to implement Authsub for IMAP.

Xoopit looks good, really would like to use the service, but I have a personal policy not to share my login details for security purposes. Till an authentication system can be used by Xoopit to access my Gmail, won't sign up.

That being said, I think Xoopit is a great service (I'm really surprised Google didn't think of giving something similar in the first place!) and will use it once the sign up system is dealt with.

Keep up the good work!

my name is bijan too :)

my name is bijan too :)

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