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April 04, 2008


Hey Guys!

Love the plugin and its functionality! When can we expect to be able to remove and administer the database that Xoopit generates from our email content? I ask because apparently I've received some pretty nasty spam, and I don't have any way to remove the images that Xoopit picked up. Thanks for a cool product.


@Ken: Thanks for the compliments and feedback! You can hide individual items now. First click Photos or Videos. Then hover over the photo/video you want and click Hide. Or, when viewing a photo or video, you can click Hide in the lower right below an image or video. We will have more thorough organization and filtering features over time.

i cannot login!

@ovande: please send email to support AT xoopit dot com and we will help you out.

never worked for me. i cannot login. i've reported via email, but no response... :(

@Ovande. If you are having problems please email feedback at our company name dot com. And you will definitely get a response.

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