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May 30, 2008


Love this post. I've long been an advocate for building functionality on top of email and Xoopit is a perfect example. Beyond getting you to the information in email in an easier and more informative manner, there is a ton of functionality that can be built into that information with tagging, snippet use, etc. that could eliminate many of the applications we use today. Managing and massaging text can result in powerful, yet flexible applications that adapt to the way you use information rather than the other way around. Google gets a tiny step closer to it with new features, but they never quite understand all that they have available.

There was a Java application called Zoe, that got very close to the best use of email data I have ever seen I still have it around, but can't get it to run on the current versions of java and have not been able to go back. It allowed you to pivot your views of information by clicking on domains, email addresses, etc. to see counts and information about your communications you never thought possible. In its day it was called Google for email and its too bad the project died, because if you added tagging and customer field features, you could have had a local and remote webmail platform. It had its own built in mail servers as well as rss capabilities. I miss it.

Guess I better get back to my java installation and get it running again. A lot of great ideas there.

Keep up the great work guys. Your "platform" is getting there.


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