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June 18, 2008


Seems like a good system but I can't install it with my Gmail App email (manar [splat] webdesignmaroc.com) , so I had to settle with installing it in my regular gmail which I never use .

... Now when I log on in my company email I still can see the message "We are gathering your photos, videos, and files. About xx% ready." just as in the regular email , but I suppose xoopit is not indexing my professional email media actually and it's just showing me the FF3 plugin status instead .

So my question is are you going to make this service available to Gmail App email holders anytime soon ?

I can not even login to xoopit. Each time i try to login it say user name ane password do not exist. What is wrong with this add-on?

What exactly is stored on Xoopit's servers? Email text? Index of links? Index of emails? I can't seem to find that info anywhere. Thanks!

We do support Gmail Apps for Your Domian address (GAYD). Signing up is the same as signing up with a Gmail address. Enter your credentials and Xoopit will recognize it as a GAYD account and sign you up.
If you're having a persistent problem, please send mail to feedback@xoopit.com and we'll try to work through the problem for you.

It is possible there was an issue at signup, please send email to feedback@xoopit.com with the email address (only the address) that you used during signup. Alternately, you could try to signup again, as what you describe sounds like an incomplete signup.

Xoopit maintains a search index of the media from your Gmail account, such as photos, videos, and files.
Xoopit is not a complete cache of your email. We are storing copies of your files so you can download them.

Hi guys,

This really looks very exciting. Probably the most exciting web app I've seen since rememberthemilk.com launch.

But I'm not gonna use it until it doesn't ask for my Gmail password.

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