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December 15, 2008


Flickr and WordPress apps in the mail program will be great.

Thanks guys.Today I was accepted in the beta testing and I really like your app.
Best luck

longing for the day Xoopit will be part of Gmail labs.. you guys really need a forum for us to hang out

Would be great if you could also index all attachments to mails not just photos and videos. Its a big pain to remember which mail had which particular attachment with it.
My photos are still indexing so a comment on the current app after that gets done. :-)

@shank Thanks for the feedback. This is something we do for our Gmail users. We are thinking about this for Yahoo! users as well.

How about an easier way to exclude photo's from your collection rather than having to delete them one by one..?

How about a way to share/send multiple photo's at once...

@chris thanks the continued feedback. these are both items that we are looking at.

I'm testing the new Yahoo Mail with Xoopit application and it's great !
A litle feature would be great : when we browse our photos it would be nice to open the original email instead of searching it manually.

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