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February 13, 2009


I just installed xoopit and for file, video and photo management, it's great!

However, I don't seem to have the "F" for the Facebook connect thingy. It is possible it's only available in the English interface?


@K You should be able to see it in any language. Somethings to check: (1) did you restart browser after installing addon, (2) you can try clearing your cache (Tools > Clear Private Data) and then reloading gmail, (3) we've noticed some issues with ad blocking software. Let me know if those solve it.

So I accidentally clicked the 'remove this message' link on the new Facebook feature, and now I can't get it back?!? I've tried clearing cache and reloading but that didn't work? Any ideas??

@Jay: If you go to your Gmail Settings page and select the Xoopit tab, there is a "Enable Facebook Integration" checkbox that you can use to enable the feature once it has been disabled. You can only access this page with a Xoopit account.

If you don't have a Xoopit account, you can still re-enable the Facebook feature by typing "about:config" into your URL bar in Firefox, right-clicking on "xoopitforgmail.gff.xoopit.com-www.xoopit.com_FB" and choosing "Reset".

When will Xoopit be available for Chrome?

@Digital Doctor We'd like to support Chrome. It depends on their support of an extension system like what Firefox has.


When I clicked on the "facebook connect" button, it disapeared without any facebook status bar.
Since, I disinstalled the firefox extension and reinstalled it and nothing happens.

I tried to empty the cache too, without results.
Do you have any Idea to help me ?

@griffoooo try the instructions to at @Jay above

It would be great if you guys could write a fluid/cruz script and post it at userscripts.org.


@Duke Thanks for the suggestion. As we expand from Firefox we'll definitely keep that in mind.

The plug in was working just great for a few days. Now today, its not. The right side search bar (on search results page) just hovers covering over gmail content. Happening on all my machines.

I have installed Xoopit for gmail and am
disappointed and confused. It catalogs all the stuff in my thrash, and that makes up most of what I see. It has no options where I could
modify this behavior, and I don't see any
options in Gmail to get rid of Xoopit.

Just discovered your service. Can't do it at the moment as I won't give my password to a third-party site. But I will feed your blog and see if you can get Google to give you access without using users' private info.

Looks great, and I'm looking forward to the password issue being resolved.

Can you explain what the mechanism is that causes a new file to be added to the files list? I've emailed myself a new PDF file attachment, and it won't show up in the files list. But pictures show up fine in the photo list. Any hints?

@RockDoggy - can you email us at support@xoopit.com so we can help you diagnose the issue? what you are reporting shouldn't be happening.

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